Cattle dog recently started biting other dogs when chasing them

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I’ve had my ACD for about 3 months, but he’s a rescue and he’s a year and 1/2. He has leash reactivity sometimes, but he also often greets other dogs politely while on the leash.

I’ve been taking him to the same dog park for about a month now. We go about 3-4 times a week. It’s been great for him to interact with other dogs off-leash and fetch. Every time we went, he was great. He would play with other dogs, but seemed to be playing normally and was mostly focused on fetching. For the past two days, he’s been chasing dogs and biting/barking at them if they stop running. I understand that this is probably his herding instinct, but it has caused me to have to take him home immediately because he’s too rough and I don’t want another dog getting hurt. Both times, the other dog was scared and clearly didn’t want to play anymore and he was relentless with trying to get them to run. Before yesterday, he would chase dogs but always backed off when they got tired and never showed any aggression.

Is this trainable? We are still working on recall so when I call his name, he doesn’t come to me. Any tips on teaching recall are also appreciated.

Thank you!

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