“Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS

Felines Love Infants Collection
Canines are not the only ones who enjoy children, pet cats also understand the best ways to express their sensations to the cute little children …

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" Felines Love Infants Compilation"|| CFS
" Cats Love Babies Compilation"|| CFS
" Felines Love Children Collection"|| CFS

44 thoughts on ““Cats Love Babies Compilation” || CFS

  1. Inge Gierts

    I love cats, I’ve owned cats, they’re the best, but people seriously
    humanize them too much. They rub or knead with their paws to spread their
    sent and the reason they lay next to the babies is bc the babies are warm.
    It’s cute and all, but I really don’t like it when people humanize their
    pets to the extent of forgetting that they are still animals. Thumbs up for
    owning pets though. Research has shown that kids who grow up in a house
    with pets have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies. Love those
    furry little friends!

    1. TypeAAA

      I don’t think it was because the babies are warm; most of these cats were
      showing signs of affection prior to lying next to these babies like the
      headbutting and rubbing with the head as well as following them around very
      closely. I’ve never seen my cat or ex-boyfriend’s cats do that to our
      laptops except with their chins (scent glands).

    2. Dave Dawkins

      Inge Gierts … I don’t see “humanizing” of the cats. It’s not like they’re
      being taught computer skills. They’re being kitties around babies.

  2. NunyaBusiness

    “I enjoy your company… My mini human servant, I will dominate the world
    with you on my side.”

  3. VanillaSnake21

    generally cats shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a baby since they could
    have bacteria that are pretty harmful to newborns but if I had a baby I
    probably wouldn’t be able to resist letting my two cats explore it either.

    1. Dan Iel

      Dude, unless you want your child to grow up an allergic freak with asthma
      and I don’t know what else, you should allow it to consume sand, dirt,
      worms and poop too. That’s how you build up their immune system, a cat is
      great for newborns. Of course you wouldn’t be force feeding them that
      stuff, but allow them to consume a healthy dose of bacteria.

    2. VanillaSnake21

      lol no. That’s not how it works, yes once a baby matures enough you should
      definitely allow it to live in “dirty” surroundings, however you can’t just
      do that with a newborn. The immune system is far too underdeveloped to
      stress it like that.

    3. VanillaSnake21

      Not sure I see the relationship. You mean why doesn’t the baby get an
      infection from it? It’s usually done in a surgical setting, back in the day
      circumcision was actually quite dangerous, but cultures that practiced it
      often did have natural antiseptics which they used afterwards.

  4. luvlycrazycooki3

    After watching animal videos for the past week I’ve realized that there are
    5 types of people in the comment section
    1 those who don’t understand why someone would dislike
    2 the “animal experts” who complain about how one of the clips is abuse or
    overeducates us on something
    3 the ones who joke about the animals waiting for a chance to kill or do
    something bad
    4 those who talk about how this makes their day and that they’ve been
    watching these all day
    5 those who relate their own similar experiences


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