Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time – Cute animal compilation

See this amusing cat video and you will never ever leave your pet cat home alone again:p.

It's so charming when cats and also canines fulfill children for the first time, right?
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69 thoughts on “Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time – Cute animal compilation

    1. Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

      I killed 6K people that disliked this…don’t ask me how…. But now it’s
      7K…. One wrong put right….yet the dislikes continue…. (Head tilts)

    1. Renee´ Brrungs

      Mein Baby sleep in save with a Nothforstcat of Sweden. WALDENKATZE. A
      Golden Retriver or a SCHÄFERHUT is a bislees over.

    1. Jay Duron

      It’s a soundtrack called “Wing” from the anime masterpiece Air, it’s an
      instrumental version of their opening, but that’s all peace✌🏻️

    2. Jay Duron

      +aoi sora
      close, is an ost called “Wing” its a music box version of their opening,
      but yeah its from te masterpiece anime Air, that’s all but feel free to
      check out my channel if you like

  1. Randy Marsh

    makes me tear up to the fact of me remembering my dog that passed away
    named sally. she was there my whole life from birth to a teenager. she was
    my true best friend and never left my side. i knew her time was coming
    short because she was hurting… one night… i went outside my room to
    check on the dogs and i found her on the couch realizing that she had
    passed away.. i saw a tear in her eye knowing she was remembering the times
    that we had together. all though i hated the damn fact that i wasnt there
    for her last breath. i couldn’t stans myself. i cried my self to sleep for
    a week untill i prayed to go to see her at least one time so i can say
    goodbye. so one night i fell asleep, i met her and she was on a stair case.
    and i reached to pet her and she was cold… right when i was about to wake
    up, she walked up to the stairs into the light. there i felt better and
    thanked god for the blessing he had given me. it was hard for me to write
    this and share with yall because my tears kept dropping onto my key board
    haha but i know shes in a good place now and she is free to run in the
    golden meadows full of other dogs along with her friends.

    1. ƬψƬ Forever ΣνᗴɌ

      Randy Marsh I know how it feels I had a dog his name was monster then one
      day we went to play then he went to the street and then a car ran him over
      I cried and so did my brothers and sister.But I knew he was in a better

    1. Fermion

      “A human mouth has much more bacteria than an animal’s mouth.”

      Fiction. Dog’s mouths are filled with all types of bacteria, depending on
      what they’ve had in their mouths recently. Dogs use their mouths similar to
      how we use our hands (to explore and interact with the world).

      Suppose a dog has been eating fecal matter, tasting a dead animal, licking
      shoes, and chewing on a decomposing stick rotting in the sun. Unless that
      dog is a miracle of nature, its mouth is much filthier than any humans.
      Plus, that’s not taking into account human oral hygiene behavior.

      And animals lick their wounds because they’re not evolved enough to invent
      medicine and treatments. They have no other choice. Would you really leave
      your dog bleeding in the corner to lick its wounds, or take it to the vet
      for HUMAN treatment?

    2. amel amels

      je ne crois pas que les chiens, et chats soient équipés d’ antibacterien
      dans leur gueule . ils sont simplement propres , dans le sens ou ils se
      nettoient seuls, ils sont immunisés contre leur propre bactéries ! et non
      nous ne le sommes pas ! . quand nous humains, si on se lèche le cul après
      avoir chier , je pense que nous choppont une sacrée merde. par contre si on
      est équipés comme les chiens on risque rien !. donc les chiens peuvent
      lecher leur derrière, mais pas le visage d’un bébé ! après assumez les
      boutons ! c’est votre mioche

    3. sweet kitten

      Jdiggy77 are the human mouths licking the babies? I dont think so. Dont
      compare things that has nothing to do with each other. Humans take showers,
      wash their hands and brus their teeth, but still they dont lick babies like
      animals do. Sorry.


      JoeNuggets you’ve got me in the heart my mom’s too nice you don’t even
      know. I went to Disney World 7 times in my life.

  2. Cosha Foster

    the doctors day your not supposed to allow cats around newborns well mine
    did and the dogs licking all over there face it’s cute but just not
    something I would allow

    1. Cosha Foster

      my words misspelled actually I wouldn’t let my son be around animals that’s
      the reason up said something about doctors they tell you not to have cats
      and etc so careless that thank you

    2. Rata 4 U

      You’re supposed to expose kids to germs. What are you talking about? When a
      baby leaves his mothers womb he’s immediately bathed in millions of germs –
      that’s how mother nature kick starts the immune system but then we have
      some parents who are ignorant and use anti-bacteria on babies and then
      later wonder why their baby develops allergies. Hello!?

  3. Billiam Boi

    Some of The cats really don’t like the baby’s but the dogs are really nice,
    if I get a kid I’m gunna have him grow up with a loving dog.

    1. [No Username]

      Billiam Boi
      Dogs can be dangerous to Babies, and most cats are fine with them. My
      family had a cat when I was growing up, and for a good while, the cat was
      literally best friend. He never scratched or bit me, and seemed to
      genuinely like me.

    1. ImthatSocially awKwardMaknae

      People are the ones passing diseases to each other, dogs more cleaner than
      your bacterial laden mouth. you idiots obviously have untrained rabid dogs.

    2. TeamMariahCa.k.aLambily

      People, including babies, are far more likely to contract a disease from
      another human being than a animal. I just read a story about a toddler who
      nearly died from an gastrointestinal infection that she contracted from her
      grandmother who chewed her food and fed it to her.

    3. [No Username]

      Having pets around babies reduces the chance of disease and allergies as it
      builds immunities.

  4. ramivalencia

    I would never expose a child that young to a large animal. Please remember
    what happened to the newborn baby who was killed by the family dog when the
    mother was lying in bed with baby and sneezed and scared the dog, which
    reacted by biting the baby’s head.

    1. Roseyraptorqueen

      That happened sure, but my mom brought me home when I was a baby and my mom
      and dad owed a huge Pit Bull named Brazil. All Brazil ever did was sit
      beside my crib, growl at people who weren’t my parents, and alerted my mom
      whenever I was upset. She also did this with my little brother. I’m 15 now,
      Brazil passed away when I was 10, and I now own two pitbulls named Hugo and
      Jaeger. They’re like four-legged angels. Obviously the dog that killed the
      baby wasn’t trained. Brazil went through baby training ever since my mom
      found out she was pregnant, and she only ever barked when someone she
      didn’t know was at the door. Also, little dogs can be just as bad as big
      dogs. If we want to keep our babies safe, we should train the dogs
      correctly or keep the nursery door closed.

    2. sweet kitten

      ramivalencia that was the first thing I thought when I saw this. I know
      dogs are good creatures but still they are not reasonable like us, they
      might do things out of instinct and hurt the lil bbs. So these parents are
      being reckless.

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