Cat on Dog Aggression

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This is a weird one, has anyone had a situation where their cat is attacking the puppy? What did you do?

We have 19 week old Jack Russell mix that weighs around 10 lbs. He's very typical for his breed (excessive Barker, stubborn, very intelligent). I have three cats, a 16lb 7 year old, a 8 lb 3 year old and a 2 year old 5 lb cat.

Intially the cats made sure to keep their distance, and the one who was willing to get close to him is Luke my biggest and oldest cat. Now here's the issue. Luke will chase and corner the puppy and scratch him, or chase him up three flights of stairs, or bit him randomly and violently. The cat is also defending and sticking up for the other cats in the house. At one point our the big day just went crazy on the puppy as he was just trying to pass him on the steps.

I'm worried that the puppy is going to get seriously maimed or hurt, he can be really clumsy.


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