Cat hates puppy – I need advice!

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Hello! First I want to establish that I've had the puppy for one night, so this could very much be me overreacting.

My boy Yogi is an 8 week old maremma/GSD. My cat, Wanda, is a 3 year old dlh. When we got her, we had a bichon shihtzu (he's still around) and a purebred GSD (since passed), both adult dogs. Wanda was fine with them, she would basically ignore them aside from the occasional sniff.

With this pup however, if she's even within 10 feet of him, she starts to growl and hiss. He does not approach her, as he seems a bit frightened too. So far, she's only given him one good 'fake out' run at him. She didn't smack him, just hiss/growl and kind of lurch forward, while still being a few feet away. This gave him a very good scare.

I know it'll take her a while to get used to him. She's never seen a puppy before, and this is a huge change for her. I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how I can get her more comfortable with the puppy. She is fed separately and has plenty of high up spaces/rooms he's not allowed in to find refuge in. But I'd rather they didnt have to be separate all their lives.

Because he's new, his crate is also beside my bed atm. Wanda usually sleeps on my bed, so last night she probably felt quite put out not feeling comfortable enough to come sleep in her usual spot.

I love my cat, and I do not want her to feel stressed in her own home. Since she was fine with adult dogs (and a big, loud 110lb boy at that), should I feel confident in assuming this hesitance on her part will pass? I've been rewarding Yogi for sitting and watching her from a distance, and redirecting his attention if he starts to whine while looking at her. So far he's shown no prey drive, though he is very new and likely not showing his true colors yet.

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