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I just adopted a three year old dog (possible boxer terrier mix). He is very excited about my two cats and wants to play. They are not as interested. I’ve been trying to introduce them slowly. However last night (our first night) he got past me and into the room I had the cats separated and went for my youngest cat who’s the most frightened by the dog. They had a bit of a brawl. It was dark and all I heard was whining from the dog and hissing from the cat. I had the pull the dog away.

I’m worried this bad interaction has ruined my ability to get my animals to all coexist. I’m near tears about this because I don’t want to stress out any of my animals or have them be unhappy, and I really don’t want to take the dog back to the shelter.

I’m planning on some obedience training. Is anyone experienced with this or could give me some reassurance possibly?

Tl;dr : dog and cats don’t get along and I’m heart broken, please help.

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