Can’t get 5 month old malamute to stop pooping in the house

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My fiance and I got an Alaskan Malamute puppy in January. I've had several puppies in my life, but this is my fiance's first. I've trained all my puppies on my own so far, including my service dog. Obi, however, has been presenting quite the problem when it comes to defecating in the house (!). She hasn't urinated in the house in weeks. I've tried how I trained my other pups (just watching, correcting, and positive reinforcement outside), I've tried the vet's recommendation of not letting her play until she poops and she just winds up spending hours in the kennel with short (10-15 min) breaks as I take her for a walk, and now I'm on the bells on the door route – she'll nudge the bells, ill take her out, she'll pee, and ill let her continue walking around for 5-10 minutes, usually with no poop. We'll go inside and 5 minutes later, she's got her back hunched starting to poop. We tell her no, and rush her outside – which has about a 40% success rate of her pooping outside. We've gotten her checked by the vet several times – they confirm that its behavioral. We're so frustrated and desperate for even a step in the right direction.

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