Can’t drain puppy of excess energy because she can’t control herself on the leash.

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So, I need other methods of draining my puppies energy before a walk because she is literally unwalkable. I've had lots of dogs in my life and I walked dogs for a "living" for a few years as a kid. One of the best way to drain the energy of a dog is to go for a walk, but that obviously defeats the purpose since I can't walk her.

This puppy will ruthlessly tug out of pure excitement in order to walk faster and go where she wants to go. I could go on runs with her, but I fear that this will only reward her, making her think that it's okay to tug and take me whichever direction she feels like going.

If I don't go in the direction she wants, she violently pulls, tugs, or just sprints in the other direction, then another direction, etc., until I'm forced to just stand still to recover.

I've tried all sorts of tricks, including just standing still for sometimes as much as 30 minutes until she calms down, but she is very tenacious. The moment it's time to go back for the walk, it's tugging time. Not light, cute tugging, but full-on dog-sled tugging.

She's a Great Pyrenees, so while it's manageable now, it will not be manageable later on. She's going to be a very massive dog and these behaviors need to be corrected before she turns into something capable of yanking me off my feet.

What are some non-leash-oriented methods of play that will drain a very, very energetic puppy?

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