Can’t control my 3m.o. rescue puppy

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Hey everyone! Three days ago my fiance and I took in a stray pup and named her Asuka. Now, on the ride home she was nice, sat still and licked our hands acting all cute, but the second we got home she started jumping up and down and biting our legs, hands, feet and clothes. We thought she was just excited and it would pass, but every time we try to play with her, we end up with our hands scratched by her teeth. She's doing it in a playful way, but refuses to stop even if we shriek in pain and push her back. We also tried taking time-outs after that and giving her toys instead of hands, but she still get bitey with us. Even when I stand tall in front of her and reprimand her verbally (low voice, serious tone), she tries to bite one of my toes. Whenever we play fetch with her toys, she brings the toys back, drops them and sinks her teeth in my hands as if they're pinatas filled with dog treats.

It also messes up all of her training (potty training included), because whenever we put her on top of potty pad after eating or try to pull her away from a piece of furniture she's destroying, she thinks we're playing with her and starts biting. I gotta mention that she's really sweet outside of our house, i.e. at the vet, in the car, and on the short walk home, but once inside – she goes berserk. Hope you guys can help us, because we really want her to become obedient and we're trying really hard, but it's our first pup and we're starting to get frustrated because nothing seems to work.

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