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I was in my backyard with my 6M old GSD and she is the most friendly puppy when it comes to kids. She is always very gentle and patient with them.

I am a firm believer that kids don’t naturally think certain things. I believe they inherit stereotypes and certain beliefs from their parents or guardians.

Anyways I was sitting in the back with my puppy and she loves the neighbor’s kids. So the neighbor is having a party and all these kids are out so my puppy is just sitting there watching them play, waiting for them to come say hi and so the neighbors kid comes over to say hi to her and her friend goes “don’t touch him he’s bad!” I was so sad. Obviously no one knows your dog or how they act but my baby was sitting there waiting to be pet and was called bad because of her looks and breed. The girl kept petting her anyways because she knows her but let’s stop teaching kids what bad dogs look like and teach them what behaviors to look for!!

When I was growing up, I was taught that pit bulls were evils dogs and that GSD were only police dogs. If I had grown up knowing how a bad dog acts vs what they look like stereotypically, 1. I wouldn’t have been scared of dogs and 2. I would’ve been way more friendly to dogs!

I’m just using GSD as an example because I have one but this applies to every dog, we should stop portraying dogs as certain things when they are not all that. When you look up GSD you either see the cuddly long haired germans or you see pictures of working k9s showing fangs and all. Let’s inform the youth the truth in that, GSD and other big dog breeds can be used as protection and for police work, but not all of them and that not all of them are crazy or aggressive.

TL;DR I’m upset people stereotype breed and looks when they don’t know the dog.

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