Can we do the 2 week shutdown later?

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We just adopted a one year old daschund-terrier mix. This is day three. I decided to stay home these three days in hopes to help the transition and help her bond. My fiancé had to leave town yesterday on an emergency but will be back again tomorrow.

I just learned about the two week shutdown. Well, we’ve already let her on the couch, she’s been in the crate during the night taking her out every three hours two nights ago and then pushed it to four. We read this should help potty train puppies.

I need to go back to work tomorrow and can’t leave her out during the day because she still has accidents (peed twice and pooped once in the house yesterday). Last night she pooped outside but didn’t care for the positive reinforcement. She peed this am at the dog park (when no one is at the dog park). Yesterday and today she’s been hanging out on the couch with me with occasional walks/outside time.

I just now heard and read about the two week shutdown. She’s currently sleeping on the couch with me. Can I pick her up and put her in the crate and take her out for 20 mins at a time like recommended?

Can we kick her off the couch until she’s “earned it?”

Will she be okay in the crate all day tomorrow?

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