Can mental stimulation burn as much energy as exercise?

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My pup is 13 weeks old and it seemed no matter how much we played to get her zoomies out of the way, her energy only increased until she was out of control. Only got worse when she was sleepy, but she never got tired enough to really sleep deeply.

So I just gave up on trying to tire her out physically and started working on training, making food puzzles for her out of old cardboard boxes, exposing her to more new stuff (lots of car rides) and even just watching movies or listening to music with her (she reacts to people on TV like they're real, tilting her head inquisitively while they're talking–"checking" on them when they're crying). Suddenly she's sleeping well and is calm in the house. Right now she's awake but for once just chewing a bone and letting me type–this is unheard of for her, as she's usually either asleep or crazy. Is this a fluke? Is it just that she's starting to mature? I know humans expend most of our energy with our brains. Is it possible dogs can do that too?

I hear over and over that exercise is the most important thing for dogs, but it seems lots of physical activity just makes my puppy super grumpy, growly, bitey and unpredictable. Mental activity though is making her kinda a joy to live with. I dunno what this means, but it goes against everything I've heard about raising dogs. Except I remember my dad used to turn on the radio for his dog when he left the house, saying it would keep the dog from chewing up the furniture. Something to that maybe.

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