Can I help my brother "reform" his sweet but poorly trained dog?

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I adore my brother's dog and I want to try to help his situation. My brother seems to have given up on training the poor pup and doesn't give him the mental stimulation and exercise he needs (it's not to the level of the abuse but not what the dog deserves). He loves him but has a lot of misunderstandings about obedience and has become a low touch owner. I think he was taught that he needs to dominate his dog to gain respect… I have a schooled him on that a number of times but I think he gets frustrated with the dog and reverts to it. Clearly the owner needs more training than the dog BUT I am realizing that telling him does not work so it might be better to SHOW him by giving the dog get a foundation of obedience and enrichment.

My idea is to keep the dog for ~two weeks at my house and work with him and then teach my brother to maintain and build the relationship.

Questions: Does this sound feasible? Do you think some decent progress can be made in this time? If not, is there a better way for me to intervene?

Open to suggestions.


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