Can Brexit help cease puppy smuggling?

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“Leaving the European Union provides us with new opportunities to deal with the illegal trade in puppies, ” Michael Gove declared.

How might this work, and how exactly could Brexit have an impact on puppy smuggling?

The government has been making much of its support for animal welfare recently, perhaps still smarting from the row involving animal sentience, fames and a “fake news” backlash.

Last week the Tories tweeted a picture of a cute puppy, have committed themselves to “fight back” against smuggling.

Part of this, according to Mr Gove – the Brexit campaigner-turned milieu secretary – involves leaving the European Union.

Pet passports

Image copyright PA Image caption In 2002 this dog was the first to travel to the UK exploiting a domesticated passport

This is because benevolences, activists and MPs say the EU’s pet passport scheme is being abused.

Pet passports are used to allow people’s domestic dogs, cats and ferrets to travel freely around Europe.

They are issued by EU countries and a short list of other countries such as Greenland, Iceland and Switzerland, and enable hounds to avoid quarantine catered “theyve been” microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

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