Can a puppy have OCD?

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I've had my new puppy 2 weeks, and she's 11 weeks old now. She seems to do a lot of stuff compulsively. She drinks a ton of water every time she walks by, and has to be buying something. She'll chew rocks when she's outside, all her toys, or the carpet. She loves licking toes too, if her other options aren't entertaining enough. She also constantly licks her flank and cleans herself- several times every couple minutes. She just constantly bites things, and I've never seen a puppy never take a break to do anything else.

She's super smart though. In just these couple weeks, she's already learned almost a dozen tricks, and does them without treats. But whenever we try to redirect her, it never seems to stick. She's a very good girl, but even now as I'm writing this she just knocked over her water bowl because she was biting the rim when she was drinking. How can I curb this behavior?

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