Calming down without "chill out" space.

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We created a "chill out" space for my puppy because we found that sometime he gets too excited that the "ouch, ignore" technique for biting won't work. Because we've used it consistently, almost as soon as we place him in there now, he'll calm right down and be ready to come out and play appropriately. We rarely have to use it anymore at 15 weeks old.

Last weekend we took him to the lake. He was definitely too tired (which is completely my fault) and started chomping me and trying to play tug on my pants. I couldn't keep him off of me. At home, I'd place him in his "chill out" space and he would reset really quickly. I didn't really know how to handle this situation while I was out of my house. He was just losing it biting and attacking me.

Eventually, while holding his leash away from me so he couldn't get to my legs, I was able to get him distracted by walking down a path. After which felt like way too long, he calmed down and the two of us relaxed at a bench.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to practice chilling while out in public and you don't have access to your regular devices?

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