Bristol man Attila Kovacs acknowledges exchanging smuggled puppies – BBC News

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Image caption Attila Kovacs pleaded guilty to selling illegally imported dogs

A man who admitted selling illegally imported puppies has been given a 200 -hour community order.

Attila Kovacs pleaded guilty to selling dogs illegally imported from Europe.

Kovacs’ home was raided by trading standards officers and various puppies were found that had to be quarantined, at a cost of 26,000 to the taxpayer, Bristol Crown Court heard.

The swine were sold on without the remedy paperwork or vaccinations, the court was told.

However, Recorder Ignatius Hughes said he had taken full accounting of Kovacs’ mitigation, which was not read to the court, and learnt him “mustve been” “reckless rather than dishonest”.

He told Kovacs, of Westfield Park, Bristol, that if he did not comply with the community prescribe he could be brought back to court.

A fourth fraud-related accuse was allowed to lie on file.

‘Extremely sick’

Speaking after the sentencing, The Dogs Trust said underage puppies are regularly smuggled into the UK by pushers from Eastern Europe.

The charity’s veterinary administrator Paula Boyden said “dealers often disguise themselves online as loving clas homes in order to deceive their buyers”.

A couple who bought a puppy from Kovacs three months ago told the BBC how the pet grew seriously ill with parvovirus within 48 hours.

“We bought him in good faith and Mr Kovacs was very convincing[ but] as it turned out the puppy was unusually sick, ” they said.

“It’s been a long depicts out process and it has expenditure 5,000 to try and get him well.

“We’re gobsmacked how he has been able to get off with his behaviour.”

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