Bringing home 10 week Pembroke Welsh Corgi in a few weeks. Anything else to know?

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Hello everyone! It's getting closer and closer to the day I pick up my puppy this month. The last batch of supplies should be ordered next week, puppy play dates are planned, vaccinations scheduled on specific dates, socialization checklists downloaded, and friends to come over for socialization. I have a playlist of Zac George's, Sophia Yin's, and plenty of other youtube videos, and puppy books downloaded. I will be doing Sophia Yin's "Learn to Earn" program and he'll be tethered to me at all times. I'm planning on hand-feeding him his kibble in the beginning, teaching him how to use Kongs, and taking him out every 1-2 hours outside to potty.

I'm very excited to bring my puppy home soon, I've been researching so much, I've been reading many of the books I've downloaded, looking through the subreddit everyday, watching training videos, looking at PWCs as a breed, and talking about dogs non-stop with everyone (which kind-of annoys my friends lol.) Are there any other tips I could get so I can be prepared? This is my first dog and I really don't want to mess up. I've been mentally preparing myself for puppy blues and puppy-proofing my house. Once it's the week of pickup, I'll prepare a basket/box with a blanket and peepads, and I'll bring supplies with me needed for the car ride home. My breeder will be giving me toys and a blanket scented with his mom and littermates, sample of the dog food and treats they've been giving, and some other goodies too. I'm so excited, I just wish the day would come faster!

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