[brags] Someone mistook me for a dog trainer today

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I'm currently working on agility training with my pup and the bane of my existence is a multi-wrap around a cone. We practice outside every day. Today, someone came up to us and asked me if I was a dog trainer and was available for training lessons while we were practicing. My dog barked at me because he was still doing his wraps and no treats were forthcoming, but he never went up to the person and got into a heel and sit when I told him to. He even did a down while the person was talking about what tricks his dog could do and said down :').

A year ago when he was about 6 months old, he would've first, never been off leash anywhere because he became selectively deaf when his name was called, but if he had been would've sprint rushed that person, proceeded to jumping on them and gone in for a full face kiss jump. Then he would've nonstop barked until I told him to be quiet. Ahh how times have changed.

I am not that great of a trainer, as my agility classes constantly reminds me of every week when we are being outmatched by 5 month old puppies. However, it still gave me really warm feelings that someone out there was impressed with what he could do and also made me proud of how far he's come.

What was your aha moment when you realized your training had really paid off?

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