Boyfriend’s dog needs too much attention – need advice

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Pretty vague subject line so let me give some background – my boyfriend and I both have dogs of our own. His is about a year (still a puppy then) and mine is 2 1/2, both very different personalities. I've tried to get them to work together, get along, etc. My dog is pretty laid back and doesn't do much. His, however, is very hyper and needs constant attention. By this, I mean that this dog can't be left alone without something happening. He's swallowed socks, chewed up lampshades, destroyed his crate to the point of it needing to be padlocked so that he stays in the crate (although he still attempts to get out). My boyfriend doesn't have the time to devote to him to become less destructive due to work, outside work activities, etc, and he knows this. He also really doesn't have money saved up in case something were to happen to him where he would need major surgery.

We both want to move in together, however, I am holding back because of his dog (I've told him this). It's like having a puppy all over again, which I've already done and do not want to do again for some time. My boyfriend has said he will not leave me because of his dog, however, he will not get rid of him either.

I believe that his dog should be re-homed to a family that has someone home all the time with constant attention and play. He would be happier, and as a result become less destructive. However, I don't know how to approach this to my boyfriend without insulting him. Please offer any advice you may have!!!

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