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My 2 year old female Boxer has serious trouble just calming down around other dogs. Luckily Im friends with the owner of a Black lab male who is a therapy dog and very calm. But I’ve noticed since my dog’s puppy days, that she just doesn’t know how to “turn off” or calm down in the presence of other animals. The first meeting with the Black lab, I ran my Boxer 1.5 miles in the morning, then a few hours later ran her in a huge field (all out sprints) and then brought the black lab out and they played great together. My dog is not aggressive, have never seen her bite anything. I actually think she’s submissive but will play rough. However, I do think she acts in a predatory manner towards smaller dogs because she always tries to dominate them. The second meeting with the black lab (today), the owner and i tried walking them together. This was between a 30-60 min walk around a large park and i had put a backpack on my boxer with 2 water bottles in it. Then we let them run around the field and they played great. We brought the dogs up to her apartment to see how they’d interact together in close quarters. My dog was clearly very tired because she was panting very very fast. But she still keeps laser focus on the other dog. If the black lab makes a move, she gets up and follows or goes and sniffs him and tries to initiate play. She just gets really fixated on the other dog and can’t leave him alone. It really seems like she just can’t relax. Sure I can give her her favorite treat or toy to break the focus, but I feel like there’s something deeper going on here. I see this as a great obstacle in which I can learn a great deal about dog psychology here, but I really need some input from this type of situation. Was going to call a bunch o trainers this week, but was hoping to get some knowledge here. Thanks for your time.

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