Boxer puppy scared of certain strangers

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Hey there,

Our 13 week old female Boxer puppy, has become apprehensive around people when they show interest in her (she is absolutely fine if they just walk past) in the last week or so. She was absolutely fine the first month we had her. Same thing for when people come to our house – straight under the couch. We can eventually lure her out with treats given to her by the "stranger" and she will warm up to them and be fine/playful.

Curiously, if the stranger has a dog, she is absolutely fine with them! Will show interest/jump up and be excited to see the human and the dog.

We can't work out any bad experiences she has had to cause this and I know about Puppy "fear periods" but I wondered if this was normal behavior at 13 weeks? We are trying to encourage her with praise and treats when she is around strangers, to make it a positive experience but it is realy frustrating to see her try and run away when people show interest in her!

Any specific advice would be greatly appreciated!

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