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I grew up with dogs but the last dog I had died when I was 14 (and I wasn't even living with her…) And didn't really have interaction with another dog until, well, now essentially (I am 22) so I have had no experience of being the one training or raising a dog. I literally do not know what I am doing other than the basics that growling is a warning sign, yelp if they play too rough, give treats when you want to enforce behaviour, ignore when they show behaviour you don't want, etc.

But I need some advice for this specifically because I am home all the time now (internet school and no job) and their continuous barking is driving me up the wall. If someone walks by on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD(!!!) they'll bark at them whether they are children, adults, or whatever. And the barking is even worse when it's someone walking their dog. And this isn't even when they are on our property, this is just the dogs seeing them from the garden across the two car wide road, across a ditch, on a sidewalk (a.k.a. really far away).

They also bark and start pulling and essentially being aggressive when walking them and meeting another person with or without dog. And as soon a story get a sniff (at least the bigger beagle who is 6) gets bored and wants to continue walking, while the smaller one (Danish Swedish farm dog 2 years old) almost looks confused at the beagles sudden change.

I should note that I do not own these dogs, I only met them roughly a year ago when I met my boyfriend and I moved in. This is getting so frustrating as every time they bark i god downstairs, and send them inside. Both the dogs have their ears flat and tails down and know they shouldn't be doing it but still they do…

I am pretty sure the small one is the instigator but was taught by the big one to react this way. Especially when I sit outside and wait for the barking to start it is always him who starts and he gets growly and aggressive when I get between him and whatever he is barking at.

They just did it again while I was sitting outside so I sent them both inside and closed the door while staying outside. The little one doesn't like that.

I honestly don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't sit outside and wait for them to start barking or not bark and reward them for not barking because I have school and other obligations so I have to be inside in order to do them.

Don't know if it helps but the smaller one also humps the bigger one? Been told by the owner (my boyfriend) that's a big no no so I have to seperate them.

Essentially I am looking at advice for barking at people outside of their property, barking and pulling while walking, how to stop the humping, and lastly the growling and barking and following of people coming into the house.

There's probably more but I am just so frustrated and annoyed, and I know I shouldn't be cause they'll get into my voice and the dog will feel like he has the upper hand etc. But I am very inexperienced, these are not my dogs, but I'm the only one home all the time able to do something about this behaviour I highly dislike.

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