Bosses Dog that won’t stop biting or jumping

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Little background: I am a nanny to a busy family of 4. B6, B9 and busy parents. They asked me if they should get a dog, I said no because the kids are young and the parents don’t have time to train a big dog plus they have never had a dog. Well, they got a female GSH. The dog is now a year old, she bites/nibs anything that runs(especially the kids and including people), jumps on everyone and everything, and when she has the zoomies, she is hard to catch and wouldn’t come. The parents haven’t been into training her which I know resulted into her bad habits. Now the mom got a shock collar(I have already seen them yell and hit the dog for biting to discourage the behavior) and she says it is working for her but I feel like this is the wrong thing to do. I know that this is their dog but I am with the kids and the dog all day, every week.

And I am at a lost on how to train a big hyper GSH. Any tips and help are appreciated.

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