Border collie x koolie does not listen!

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So I have a 4 year old border collie x koolie named clementine.

When clem was a pupper I ended up spending over $600 on a dog trainer for her to hopefully curb the behaviours she was developing, such as barking and not listening.

Clementines main issues are as follows.


Jumping (which I don't mind but everyone else does)

Aggression towards bikes and children. (And by that I mean she barks uncontrollably and her hair stands up as she frantically pulls on the leash. Which is obviously extremely worrying when it comes to children )

And food aggression. (She thinks her tail wants her bone and has literally pulled out her own hair trying to protect said bone from her tail)

And again, not listening. I'd like to be able to take her to the beach off lead and not fear that she's gonna run off.

The dog trainer did literally nothing, the only good advice we received was not to feed her grains.

Clementine has a good life, her diet consists of raw chicken for her dinner, grain free biscuits and a raw bone as a treat. She gets walked daily and also has an automatic ball throwing machine, and a treadmill for if her energy is a little too high in the evening.

We've gone as far as getting her a bark collar, but she just barks through the pain. She doesn't care. If there's a bird, or a plane, someone leaving the house, someone knocking on the door, the mailman, not throwing the ball, a motorbike, a pushbike etc, she will bark.

I'm unsure what to do at this point as I've made it a point to get up and scold her every time she barks, but she does not care. I've scolded her when she's shown aggression towards children and what have you, but she does not care.

Any advice on how to control her would be greatly appreciated.

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