Border Collie with Biting Issues

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Hey everyone,

I am seeking help and advice for my 1.5 year old border collie. He has had issues since he was very young that we haven't been able to make much progress on. I'm worried we can't sustain our life with him and because of his issues would be put down if we gave him away.

Biting because of handling. He will mouth and sometimes bite a little harder if we try to put on his harness, collar, or muzzle. He will often lay down if he doesn't want to go somewhere and bite you if you try to lift his body. Biting because of anxiety related incidents. There are many situations where he will try to bite us because he his anxious or over stimulated by a situation. Shaking trash bags, chopping vegetables in the kitchen, swimming, …etc Biting related to resource guarding. He will guard tissues and found objects, food, sometimes he will guard spaces like a couch, car, or tent. Because of this we are unable to hand him treats for training. Barking at night. Lately he will wake up in the night and bark for up to an hour. We have tried covering up the windows and turning on the radio.

We have him on medication for anxiety.

He has bitten seriously a few times but he is often a very good dog. It's hard to consider putting him down because we love him so much but lately we feel very stressed and unable to deal with his issues.

He gets tons of exercise and stimulation/training.

Thank you.

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