Border Collie puppy won’t sleep outside the crate

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10 week old Border collie puppy is getting me down today..

He never sleeps outside of his crate and becomes an asshole when he is overtired even though all his littermates owners post pics of their pups sleeping all time. I feel like I am doing something wrong.

He needs supervision constantly I can't even move from him or he starts biting the corner of the rug or chases the cats and as much as I was prepared for a border collie this is really hard to deal with.

I love him and we do so much one to one play with toys and obedience but I can't help feel cheated that out of his litter mates he just doesn't shut down.

He just can't be.. he needs something constantly. Does it get better? What can I do. He can be so boisterous when he plays with other dogs and when the cats put him in his place he isn't scared he just wants to play. Its normallt cause he is overtired.

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