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Hi y'all,

First time poster, first time pup owner here. My 16 week old pup spends some of his downtime in a fenced area in another room. Tonight he made a bloodcurdling single scream which has never happened before (normally continuous barking if he sets off). I ran in to check on him and he seemed totally happy, checked all his joints, paws, ears, mouth etc. There was an awful fishy smell which from a quick google appears to be anal gland secretion from a fright (blerghh). So best guess, he got his paw stuck in the fence briefly which scared him.

My real issue is that I then let him come to the kitchen while I finished getting ready for bed and 10min later he peed on the carpet for the first time. He's never had an accident since the day he arrived 7 weeks ago. He'd peed 2hr prior and can easily hold it for 4hr (not that he often has to) and is fine overnight.

My question: Is it quite likely that this lil bump in the house training is due to him getting a fright and feeling out of sorts? and will this set us back/should I be concerned? I think it's unlikely that he screamed for a pee break?


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