Blaze Loves His Kennel (ORIGINAL) Husky Says No to Kennel – Funny

Speaking 11 month old husky, 'Blaze' from New Hampshire, chooses his flexibility and also says "No" to his kennel (with annotations).

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39 thoughts on “Blaze Loves His Kennel (ORIGINAL) Husky Says No to Kennel – Funny

  1. Kilted Savage

    One thousand people took the time to dislike it?? These freaks need to be
    put in the kennel instead of the dog. Probably some idiot PETA people
    offended the dog is being teased.

    1. Wolffurrr

      +Kilted Savage This is what trolls go after, raging about something someone
      commented on “I disliked it… I expected the Husky would sound like a
      native english speaker… half the time it’s a half bark too…. deceiving
      video.” I mean how stupid can you be, there really is no sense in replying
      and replying, you are being drug deeper into the trolls web or what you
      many call it, just my advice, don’t reply and be pissy about something so
      stupid, lol

    2. Pumba Dumba

      Kilted Savage it’s more like one in 19 thousand and a few of those will fat
      fingers pressing the wrong button. Really nothing to worry about

    3. Isabella Finch

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  2. Gabrielle VA

    PETA needs to GTFO There’s nothing wrong here you’re just playing with
    Blaze! I think it’s hilarious! XD

    1. Tim “twhtly” Wheatley

      So you saw someone do something bad, so what they did was bad. Got it. 🙂

      Nobody said anything about them living in one.

    2. Jewel Torres

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  3. orangie84

    my theory on this behavior is the dog has probably heard the owner say “no”
    so many times that he has learned that the sound “NO” means to not want
    something… So now the dog is now imitating or “using” the sound “no” to
    represent it does not want something…
    Dogs do learn… And despite the fact that a lot of people have issues
    understanding this… (or possible just do not have the capacity to)
    understand… this (and to me THAT is a little ironic… as we are humans
    and should be able to understand this and recognize it lol) This to me is
    proof that not only can a dog understand speech and learn and use speech…
    But actually do it… Remember speech is nothing more than selected sounds
    we chose many years ago to represent ideas and feelings…. It is not a
    magical thing… Just as we may choose non selected speech (random sounds)
    to represent thoughts… Like the sounds, MMMM or uh uh or oooo or even the
    hiss we do through our teeth when we see someone get cut or hurt.
    These sounds can also be considered “communication”…. Animals do this
    exact same thing!!! If only people could just realize that these ARE forms
    of “communication” They would realize that speech (or selected sounds) are
    not just focused communication strictly for humans.. People would begin to
    understand that animals use sounds to communicate as well… This can be
    considered “communication”… Sure animal communication is not on the same
    extensive level as (most) humans use… But you can not ignore the fact
    that Animals do use some sounds and do mimic or learn and repeat sounds
    humans make… Like for instance “no” or even better, Look up the dog that
    says “I want it”

    1. Corbin Burdette

      orangie84 from all the dog breeds I’ve seen, the Siberian Husky seems to be
      the most vocal 🙂

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