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My puppy is 11 weeks old and he’s been with us for about 2 weeks. He is a Mini Goldendoodle who has an overall great temperament. He’s doing great with leash and crate training, he gets along great with our 9 year old dog who is a little cranky, he’s picked up tons of commands/tricks with ease and he’s super friendly with everyone he meets.

But I can no longer allow him to meet people in the park because he bites everyone who touches him. Every time I play with him, every time my kids play with him, every time a stranger lets him sniff their hand- bite. He chews on my ankles while I’m feeding him, on my fingers when I’m trying to play, and he chases down my kids to bite them.

Since the very first day he has come home, we have made a “yelp” sound when he bites and offer him a chew toy, and then walked out of the room the second time it happens. Originally I tried to give him a treat when he released he bite (the vets suggestion) but it was too confusing to him and I think it just encouraged biting more. Plus he doesn’t hold his bites, he just nips over and over. He has not gotten any better, just worse. As of today I have started crating him when he bites because he won’t stop biting and chewing on everyone. I can’t let my kids play with him or introduce him to anyone because I’m afraid he will hurt them. I am feeling so helpless and anxious about his socializing.

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