Bite inhibition for puppy with lacking food motivation

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I have a 12 week Labrador puppy at home. I got him when he was just 5 weeks old*, so he never had the chance to socialize with other puppies that much. His teeth had barely showed. Everything was alright the first couple of weeks. He was eating puppy milk and a starter canned food, and then I switched him to starter kibble. By 7 weeks of age his teeth had grown very long and sharp, and he was biting like crazy, so I tried to train him with treats. However, he wasn't very focused on the treats as much as on biting anything around him (rarely his chew toys). Whenever I play with him he just starts to bite me everywhere, and with force too. And the biting is only getting worse. He's gotten stronger and easily breaks the skin. Sometimes he leans back, shows his teeth and growls, then he jumps up trying to bite me. Sometimes it hurts so much that I am forced to pinch him hard for him to let go. I read about home techniques: screaming with pain and leaving the room, closing his mouth, playing with chew toys. However, this rarely works, and only riles him up. I got him a Kong, and stuffed it with kibble. He sniffed it for a minute and then totally ignored it. I got a few more chew toys, and tried to feed him solely with stuffing them with food, but he wouldn't care and just yelp until I had to feed him myself. I thought that the kibble wasn't tasty enough, so I got some freeze dried liver. Training with it is a little better, but stuffing the Kong doesn't make him chew it at all. He tries to get it out, and gives up 2 minutes later. It's like he has no appetite. I read that Labs were usually very food motivated, making them easy to train. However, this barely works with me. I want to introduce him to more dogs at the park downtown, so that he can hopefully learn to control himself better, but I can't take him out for another 3 weeks until he gets his last shot.

Any advice about how to make him chew his toys and not my hands before I can enroll him in puppy training 4 weeks from now? He is only getting larger and he will soon be able to jump over his puppy fence and climb on beds and tables.

* It was a very emotional decision. I had to euthanize my other 4 month old GSD, and I did 0 research about having a puppy this young. I later read about puppy socializing, bite inhibition and all that. We've only had outside-only dogs, since I live in a little farm, and we had never really put much effort into training them, and they acted as guard dogs more or less. My 13 year old Caucasian Shepherd died 2 months ago. (I lost 2 dogs in a matter of days, thus making this rash decision, since I was lonely and empty inside).

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