Bite inhibition – am I doing it wrong?

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Hi all!

I've finally found a method that stops my puppy from biting me all the time! When he's jumping up with those sharp teeth out, I make him sit, and then I go do whatever I was trying to do (after a "good boy!"). It seems to pull his attention away from being a demon and gets him focused on something else. I don't give him a treat most of the time, unless we throw in a paw or roll over. I just want to make sure that this isn't bad for the whole bite inhibition thing? When he's chewing on appropriate things he always gets some praise, so I'm hoping I'm not doing any damage there?

In the past 3.5 weeks I found that yelping, time outs, ignoring and redirection did absolutely nothing for me, so I'm pretty pleased I found something!

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