Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD VIDEO]

Charming infants playing with dogs and also this dogs meeting infants for the very first time. Also children like playing with canines.
In this collection you can view just how Infant and also St.Bernard Canine fulfill together, how Child Feeding 2 German Shepherd Dogs and Infant girl has fun with yellow Lab as well as a lot more

65 thoughts on “Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD VIDEO]

    1. iliass koumi

      هههههههههههههه هاد طيفلي عمر سناتين هو لي شهبط هاد شخبطة بيحيب كثير يشوف

    1. CourageWolf AJ

      AngeloR674 dogs can be gentle if you raise them properly. Bigger dogs know
      to be REALLY gentle with babies, just
      How they would be with their puppies.

  1. Csaba Seres

    Why just WHY would you let those dangerous and horrible creatures get near
    to those poor little doggies?

    1. bunnytaco 555

      Rich Punani stop he did nothing he just suggested somthing he is trying to
      say somthing and people get all pissed there is no reason for that so stop
      trying to make thinbs worse

  2. Jeffery Williams

    You just made a 49 year old man melt. What a fantastic video; heart
    warming. Reminds me of when my kids were little and their labs, although
    these dogs for the most part are much larger :)

  3. Brayden Leonhardt

    I hate that all these people say pit bulls are viscous animals it’s how u
    raise them stop this nonsense

  4. Deborah 888

    These dogs (and babies!) are beautiful and I’m a huge dog lover, but these
    parents are being awfully trusting. A serious injury can happen in a moment
    and it only takes once for a dog to react the wrong way.

    1. De'ja Imari

      Deborah 888 that doesn’t apply to every dog..usually when you grow up with
      them they won’t bite you at all… before my pitbull passed I was 1 when we
      got him and he was 6 weeks… never once did he bite..he protected

    1. Arun CB

      you don’t have to look at dog’s tail to know his/her mood…they even have
      facial expressions… my dog demands his share by voice whenever he gets
      the smell of tea or coffee and wears a happy smile afterwards…

  5. TheMetalhead678

    D’aww. 🙂 Dogs are so kind, they always know how to be gentle with babies.
    They look at babies as part of the family. I have a dog too, she is a
    staffordshire bull terrier. Only 1 years old so she’s still small ish, but
    pretty strong though. She’s always pretty gentle with my little sister, and
    is always gentle with my 4 year old cousin too. I know for sure that when
    my dog is fully grown she will still be kind-hearted. Many people give
    staffordshire bull terriers and pitbulls a bad reputation. They’re not mean
    dogs, they are lovely, as long as they are raised by good people who treat
    them nice they are the most kind and friendly dogs ever!

  6. Amy

    Are you all insane? What’s cute about putting your little baby in a
    potentially fatal situation with a large dog (or any dog for that matter)
    just so you can upload it to youtube??? NO DOG CAN BE TRUSTED 100% around
    children no matter how long you’ve had it or how gentle it seems. Plus it’s
    also very unhygienic to allow a dog or cat to lick a child’s face.

    1. Amy

      I’d be worried if any human was licking my child’s face Nicholas, that goes
      without saying and don’t worry about arguing with me about research, I’m
      going to stick with the advice of my friend ( the vet who studied for 6
      years in UCD ) ……

    2. Nicholas Fonseca

      +Same Amy okay Amy you are allowed to do whatever you want with your child
      and dog…no need to listen to me

    3. Boi U kno

      quit worrying about this and that, the videos are already done and posted.
      enjoy the babies being loved from the larger dogs dammit! 😣

  7. Jordan Goertz

    Dogs are perfect for kids they have protective instincts I’ve had dogs in
    my life seance i was 1 year old

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