Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD VIDEO]


Charming infants playing with dogs and also this dogs meeting infants for the very first time. Also children like playing with canines.
In this collection you can view just how Infant and also St.Bernard Canine fulfill together, how Child Feeding 2 German Shepherd Dogs and Infant girl has fun with yellow Lab as well as a lot more


  1. You just made a 49 year old man melt. What a fantastic video; heart
    warming. Reminds me of when my kids were little and their labs, although
    these dogs for the most part are much larger :)

  2. These dogs (and babies!) are beautiful and I’m a huge dog lover, but these
    parents are being awfully trusting. A serious injury can happen in a moment
    and it only takes once for a dog to react the wrong way.

  3. D’aww. 🙂 Dogs are so kind, they always know how to be gentle with babies.
    They look at babies as part of the family. I have a dog too, she is a
    staffordshire bull terrier. Only 1 years old so she’s still small ish, but
    pretty strong though. She’s always pretty gentle with my little sister, and
    is always gentle with my 4 year old cousin too. I know for sure that when
    my dog is fully grown she will still be kind-hearted. Many people give
    staffordshire bull terriers and pitbulls a bad reputation. They’re not mean
    dogs, they are lovely, as long as they are raised by good people who treat
    them nice they are the most kind and friendly dogs ever!

  4. Are you all insane? What’s cute about putting your little baby in a
    potentially fatal situation with a large dog (or any dog for that matter)
    just so you can upload it to youtube??? NO DOG CAN BE TRUSTED 100% around
    children no matter how long you’ve had it or how gentle it seems. Plus it’s
    also very unhygienic to allow a dog or cat to lick a child’s face.


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