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Hey y’all. Been pretty much everywhere on the internet to find a solution for my 4 year old XL doggie’s big bad habit, but I can’t seem to find any solution. He’s about as tall as me when he jumps (6 feet), so it’s a habit that’s gotta go, and you’ll see why. It’s a newer issue, I’ll say since around June. We have had him for just under a year, so a large portion of our time together had been in COVID lockdown while my partner and I both work from home. He goes on 2 walks a day with multiple pee breaks, around 2.5 miles of walking altogether each day.

Sometimes on walks, no matter the time of day, he’ll completely flip personalities. It’s sporadic, but not infrequent. He’ll sit down, start to itch himself, and not want to budge. If I try to get him up, he will practically attack me with bites that are around medium strength. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave marks for a few days. During these bouts, I have to push him back and defend myself that I think it eggs him on. Eventually, it subsides, but I feel like it’s an eternity.

When my partner takes him on a walk, he does the same flip in personality, but he doesn’t bite them, only flails around on the floor and will usually stop if he smacks his head on the floor. He’s inched closer and closer to biting them though, and we have no real idea why. Vet says it’s because he’s trying to play, trainer doesn’t really know, and the internet has few solutions on what it could be.

All I know is that my arms are tired of hurting and being covered in bite/scratch marks. We’ve thought maybe allergies, frustration, eagerness to play.

Super worried about him acting this way with anyone else. I can take his biting, but in the chance it happens to another person or child, they definitely won’t be able to. Just looking for help in any way. I love him so much, and it makes me cry that I can’t get him to stop this.

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