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I have been a Certified Dog Trainer since 2011. I got my certification from a popular pet store (back when they required a separate training course that was lead by the AKC; not sure if they still do this) and worked as a trainer for them for two years. When I stopped training for them, I continued training as a side business for extra class between work and school.

It’s come to a time where I can no longer do part-time school and I’m strongly considering setting up a dog training “business.” I’ve been training my own dog (my boyfriend’s dog that I recently moved in with) and his coworkers have been paying me to train their dogs on the side. Now that I’m delving farther into it, I need to set up a lesson plan!

Question: If you take a training class that is approximately six weeks long, one class per week, and approximately 1-2 hours per class (which obviously has a lot to do with the dog’s attention span), what are the commands you feel you would want the trainer to focus on?

Have you had any positive or negative experiences with dog trainers that you’re willing to share to help me out?

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