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I have a little 6 month old dachshund mix named Stewart and we have been working on leash training since he was 6 weeks old. We didn’t start doing neighborhood walks until he was 12 weeks old and had his 3rd round of vx. He is by far one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen and the smartest one I’ve owned. He never has fought the leash or no-pull harness and we train almost daily on commands, tricks, and walking in the backyard. Heel, leave it, stay, and come are the ones he almost has perfected. Other than that he knows sit, down, swing, around, front (when I want him to sit in front of me), shake (both hands), and sit up.

Anyways, he was almost constantly pulling on his walks because he wants to investigate everything. Very very slowly he is getting better. I bought but held off on using a headcollar until he was older and better trained. I decided to give it a shot on our walk today. He only pulled 4 times today and walked next to me with a semi loose leash the whole walk!!!

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