Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

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The best family members protection pet dog in one package. He has never ever been on an e collar and also can function just as good with no collar or chain. Achilles the bluenose pit bull is a very intelligent devoted loving pet dog that could safeguard and also work while being the most effective kids baby-sitter and also family members canine. He is a happiness to be about as well as enjoys everyone up until turned on. He's very secure and does not get protective unless especially signified. I prefer the pit bull because as a breed, they normally lack human hostility as well as make awful watchdog, a properly reproduced one that is.
The wish to complete fill their proprietors wishes gives them the ability to do numerous points well. A good dogs starts with a good owner and also i wishes to transform the perception that borders the type. He competes as well as we are intending to do things no other pit bull has actually done in the past. His spawn bring his phenomenal smart stable character as well as healthy and balanced muscley genes.
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72 thoughts on “Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

    1. Lawrence Kedz

      Shawn P
      Uh oh? Hope you’re not the guy whose rabbit I switched with a stuffed one?
      Cause he was delicious!!!

  1. funmod gaming

    this is an amazing way to showcase the real character of these animals if
    you read this can you promote this message in england my blue pitbull was
    taken from me when he was 3 years old just for being on the dangerous dog
    list by our stupid laws people need to see the same as guns sharks and all
    manner of things its not the animal or item its humans who make these
    things dangerous unsafe and feared open your mind people i lost my best
    friend because of your fear shame on you all

    1. funmod gaming

      lol not you personally +MasterG just pussies in general who see a dog and
      discriminate against it like its a fucking lion on a leash

    1. Nicolas

      poor you.. dogs enjoy doing this, it keep them active. Do you think that if
      a dog sleep all day would be happier? really?

    2. John Edwards

      They have evolved to enjoy fighting, teamwork, expending energy and
      pleasing their master. It’s genetics. They’re not being forced to do
      anything they dislike, they’re not being forced to cage fight and they’re
      not lapdogs.

    1. suga kookie

      Jorge G.
      in australia a staffie is like a pit bull, when i was 8 i was bitten on the
      head by a saint Bernard, i then learnt about staffies and pit bulls and was
      really scared of them until my sister brought home a 9 year old staffie
      called bell, she was the sweetest dog ever, i trained her to attack upon
      one particular word and also trained her to comfort crying children, if i
      was having an asthma attack she would grab the ventolin from the table and
      get my mum up, for the 4 years she lasted she was one of the best dogs I’d
      ever had, and removing my fear of ‘aggressive’ dogs…still teriffied of
      chihuahuas though.

  2. Ionut Daniel Andrei

    This prooves that pitbulls aren’t insane dogs that might atack your kids.
    This prooves that training is indeed everything . Great work on the

    1. Sylvie HartVolgs

      Ionut Daniel Andrei people judge them for their body build but it depends
      who brought them up and how well they did

  3. thomas Coffey

    sadly a burglar killed my VERY WELL trained pitbull but he locked on to his
    arm and bam he shot my fog in the neck i wish he was here rip ralphy😢😭

    1. mike Lazembie

      its sad. but thats 1 of the things i love about dogs…theyd rather die
      than to let their owners get hurt. i dont know how some ppl can mistreat
      these amazing animals! Humans baffle me sometimes.

  4. Basin79

    Detest their ears being cut. Your dogs are unbelievable. Thank you for
    showing them being perfectly calm around other dogs and showing them to be
    clever and passionate. They’ve got terrible press due to irresponsible
    owners. And it’s always the dog that gets put down.

    1. Basin79

      GentlemanBystander so the owner chopping them off first is better? Besides
      I doubt an attacker would target the ears when the eyes are more sensitive.

    1. Mic B

      I love my pathetic dogs. Especially my 16 year old mutt! While at home that
      dog doesn’t leave my side, and it’s been that way since she could walk.
      First at the door when i walk out, and first at the door when i walk in.

    1. Hello Bye

      +Sans The punny skeleton *don don tsss* You Trump supporters are idiots ..u
      voted for a moron who is more interested in Twitter than running the country

    1. David Clarke

      Kelly Abbott training a dog means nothing if he can’t respect anyone else
      other than the trainer, that dog would listen to the commands of any member
      of his pack, wether the father or the 3 year old child that’s what makes a
      great dog and I’m pretty sure this dog is in that category !

    2. TrademarkTM

      +David Clarke It won’t have the love and affection for the owner if he/she
      doesn’t train it. If you have another person to train it, you won’t have
      the connection. Yes the dog could take orders from anyone but it would
      prioritise the orders coming from the owner/carer. My dog doesn’t listen to
      anyone but me, or family members.

  5. Udoxia Garrett

    Stupid how people think its the dog when its really the owner who Trained
    the dog… Anyone else just wanna slap everyone who thinks its the dogs

    1. Billy Lynch

      Da 1, idk what you are talking about, because pit bulls ranked one of the
      top most tolerant and best tempered dogs. The least tolerant were
      dauchsunds, chihuahuas, and jack russel terriers.

    2. Udoxia Garrett

      So it’s the dogs fault that they were born like that…? Makes sense the
      dog could’ve clearly stopped himself from being born with aggressive genes

    3. Honey Bear

      I’m sure the Parents of the Kids that get killed by Pitbulls every Year
      would agree with you. I’m sure the owners of the Labradors that never kill
      anyone would also agree with you.

    4. Udoxia Garrett

      Maybe the old owner of the dog was aggressive so the dog was to, Or the dog
      wasn’t treated right so the dog snapped, I still believe that its humans
      who ruined the Pits title.

  6. Draco Sol

    I fucking love pit bulls, they can be nothing but sweethearts. But they can
    change in a single instant into an unstoppable killing machine. Best dogs
    to have and I want one, probably somewhere in the future

  7. Meeko


    1. Bulletproof Pitbulls

      Meeko that should be relatively easy especially if they are shepherds
      picked for a police program.They are genetically predestined to be
      protectors just work your obedience and relationship..At 3 years old they
      should mature and be more serious..I also have training options on my

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