Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs


Canine training is not constantly easy. The pet dogs in the video are extremely well educated as well as disciplined. People had actually been training pets for various objectives from centuries. The dogs are among the most intelligent and human friendly pets, if trained rightly they can be ideal of pets. Recent research reveals that canines can be a source to decrease the tension degree in people.


  1. The praying is nothing more than any other kind of trick you teach a dog.
    The waiting for food is good. It shows discipline and that the humans
    control the food. Impressive dogs.๏ปฟ

    • TheYTViolation Because they give unconditional love, loyalty without
      judging our superior misguided egos. To discard God from giving you so many
      more yrs & the many people it took to teach you to be able to make your
      almighty money is down right nieve. So many people + so many yrs & still
      never learned to appreciate or know the meaning of unconditional love &
      loyalty these guys didn’t have to learn & never forget no matter how rude
      you are to them. In the short time they are here, they learn & give back
      more than we do in our entire life. I wish you & your money well, hopefully
      you do not find yourself alone at the end. Though you can always request
      your money be buried with you, guarantee a human will let you down! Sorry,
      I could go on & on, but if you don’t feel it , you’ll no way see it.

    • There are a few components to dog training. One place I found which
      successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re
      interested) definately the most helpful plan i’ve heard of.look at the
      incredible info .

    • Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out
      about puppy training classes try Nevolly Top Dog Nerd (should be on google
      have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool
      success with it.

    • +davidenespana “Man’s best friend” Depends who owns it or tamed it. Dogs
      are vicious and known to kill people. I am against cruelty to animal but I
      don’t pay taxes in China neither do u? So don’t try to impose your
      “standards” on others. I don’t see Chinese complaining about Spain’s bull
      fighting, European consuming of horses etc. The Indian could be complaining
      of the amount of COWS being slaughtered, they consider them “holy”. If you
      research the amount of methane gas and CO2 emission pollution contributed
      from the cattle industries in most “Western natins” it should be of a more
      concern for those “climate changes” critics.

    • davidenespana Let me tell you what that Asian owner said to dogs: Praise
      Lord for the food He gives to you. She is a good Christian for sure. BTW,
      she is a Taiwanese.
      And how many fish or chicken do you eat every year? They are also very cute
      and some people keep them as pets. Surely those owners should make some
      jokes on you. For example, teach you how to give the grace to food, and
      feed you to be eaten.

    • Spirit Wraith atleast he’s smarter than his owner ! Anyone who’s stupid
      enough to be a democrat is one dumb motherfucker ! Even the dog knows that
      !!! ๐Ÿค”

  2. Most of these complaining “dog owners” criticizing the discipline are
    probably the same ones who let their dogs bark all night in their yard,
    keeping everyone up talking ’bout “dogs will be dogs.” please stfu and kill


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