Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

Canine training is not constantly easy. The canines in the video are very well trained and also disciplined. Individuals had actually been training pet dogs for different functions from centuries. The dogs are among the most smart as well as human pleasant pets, if educated appropriately they could be ideal of pet dogs. Recent research shows that pet dogs can be a resource to reduce the tension level in human beings.

69 thoughts on “Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs #2

  1. Robert Mathew

    I find it awkward. Dogs must be dogs. Even children and adults do not like
    extreme discipline. Let the dogs be dogs. They are wild and do not control
    the wildness in them. They become merely robots.

    1. willowfinearts

      lollybug rainey true. my cat use to rule the roost. if you threw a stick
      for her to fetch she would tell ya to get yourself.

  2. realvipul

    Chinese/Asians are the most dog abusers in the world. what do you expect
    from people who farm dogs for meat. i hope hillary will nuke china.

    1. TheMagicalCenobite

      +Chad Agreste Only a fool would think this is animal cruelty. They still
      are. Dogs enjoy doing tricks like this for there masters. Why? And please
      don’t say ” We are not they’re masters! Dogs just wana be free!” Then you
      are far from the truth. Like children. dogs need love and discipline. This
      is only teaching a dog to wait. Its not “keeping” them from their food. as
      you see… they all eat in the end. So cruelty claim holds no water.

    2. Chad Agreste

      +TheMagicalCenobite 😂 how do ya know they enjoy it? They told you? No,
      they’re animals no toys. You can’t private them eat just for entretaiment

    3. TheMagicalCenobite

      +Chad Agreste. Dogs don’t hid their feelings. They use body language. The
      body language. Of these dogs are not unhappy dogs. I agree. Dogs deserve
      respect. In a loving home. They need both love and discipline to be truly
      happy. This isn’t toying with a dog. Its actually good to teach your dog
      patience. Not only does it teach them more patience it also helps them be
      more well behaved in public.

    1. Polina Z Ralte

      Nope. It’s okay to train and teach dogs decipline. As long as you don’t use
      stick or hurt them in any way.
      I use treats😆
      Sometimes they can them themselves into trouble/hurt themselves if you
      don’t train them.

    2. Bao Warrior

      nah man you got it all wrong. A well disciplined dog is a really good dog.
      They are like kids you have to teach them right and wrong. You have to
      teach them to respect you and to know whos boss. end of the day its all
      love. trust me! I have a Goldie and I was really hard on him when he was a
      puppy. I felt really guilty scolding him but now hes potty trained he
      doesn’t bite people or scratch people hes super super friendly and he
      doesn’t need a leach when i walk him. If another dog barks at him he will
      remain calm and sit next to me. Its super beneficial for their growth! It
      takes a lot of effort to train a dog. Its much easier to let them do as
      they please. Believe me its all love.

  3. PaperAnomaly

    If you people say training your dog is cruel, then I guess teaching your
    child manners and how to behave is abuse too.

    1. Angie ツ

      I wouldn’t say that Your cat is more intelligent than any dog, but cats are
      very smart, they just dont show it as much as dogs do. But again, dogs are
      my favourite animal and it’s way easier to train dogs.

    2. Natasha Harris

      these comments make me laugh clear none of u have owned a cat cause u would
      know they can show and will show just as much love and affection as dogs do
      and treat them right they treat u right learn cat behaviour before judging

    3. Natasha Harris

      Angie ツ my cat learns a trick in the matter of a day dogs need to be taught
      something over and over before they get it right dogs maybe ur favourite
      but cats are mine I’ve grew up with them all my lives people saying there
      selfish there greedy etc is bullshit because there just as affectionate as
      look after a dog badly u get a dog with behaviour issues and the same is
      with a cat

    4. laurendoerr

      My cat knew many tricks. He would sit, stand on his hind legs, bat me with
      one paw (I called this trick “paw”) and bat me with his other paw (“other
      paw”). He knew the hand signals and the words for each of these tricks. He
      learned each trick in 2 training sessions of under 5 minutes. Cats are
      smart animals and if they are motivated (my cat was very food motivated)
      learn very fast.

    1. Cam Wilson

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      ZpwZL ,qa

    1. Mahmoud Abubakar

      Love your dog,let your dog feel your love then start letting out your
      gentle commands and kindly make sure your dog obeyed you…Don’t use any
      force or hate and within few weeks you will see the miracle already
      happening.Love is power?

    2. MightySquirrel

      They beat them with sticks for a long period. I don’t think you really want
      your dog to be miserable and sad after that.

    3. gabiiipot

      My dog does this and I never ever beat him. It seems you have no idea how
      dog training is done. My dog is a puppy and was very easy to train this, if
      it is an adult, it is probably a bit more difficult, but not impossible I
      assume your dog has to know how to “stay” or “wait”. I have put one treat
      on the ground and told him to wait. After he waited he got the treat and an
      additional one, for listening. Then I did the same, but with longer
      periods, getting out of the room while waiting and in the end with the
      whole bowl of food. The dog pretty soon realizes that the waiting pays off.
      He might not be the happiest dog, when I make him do this, but self control
      is a very important part in dog training. My dog almost killed a chicken,
      so we still have to work on this.

    1. Zhongyue Zhang

      Rukaiya Shaikh people can love animals and eat animals, does not matter
      what kind of animals. There are people who have chicken as pets, but their
      neighbors eat chicken and you don’t see them complaining. Do not prioritize
      a certain kind of animals. All animals are equal.

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