Best time to bring a new puppy home?

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We are able to pick up our puppy (goldendoodle) on 9/1, he'll be 9 week. However we are moving and will be at our parents from 8/29 until 9/20. I'm concerned that if we bring him to my parents house and then move him 3 weeks later it might be bad for him. We could leave him at the breeder until 9/21 and he'll be 12 weeks old but he'll go straight to our apartment.

If we take him to my parents, they'll give him all the attention in the world. They already do that when my brother leaves his dog at my parents when he goes on vacation. We wont see the puppy everyday because we will also spend time at my in-laws for a couple days, but we could start bonding with him earlier.

He going to be on the older side if we take him at 12 weeks vs 9 weeks will that affect Socialization?

Any recommendations to take him earlier or later?

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