BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!

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BEST FUNNY PET DOGS COLLECTION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Finest Pet dog and Puppy Fails!

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42 thoughts on “BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!


      Lozzy Clifford As a person I welcome your opinion no matter what may be the
      reason for you to dislike.I respect your decision in anyway.

    2. Janine Rathmann

      you wanna walk on steaming hot or freezing cold pavement with bare feet?
      nope. dog shoes make sense. and the dog has to get used to them

  1. Rhett Riley

    *”Kerry was a very bad dog. He could not be trusted off lead, would pull
    terribly when on lead and if he saw other dogs, he would pull you off your
    feet [Details Here === *
    *** ].
    When allowed to socialize with other dogs, he would hump them so much it
    would start a fight. I owe may gratitude to Doggy Dan for his trainings
    that brought Kerry under control.”*

  2. Erik Schauer

    None of the dogs who chewed things up aren’t bad, I had a puppy sense 3
    weeks or so and NEVER had a problem with chewing problems, might be because
    I had a chew toy but still

  3. Angry Birds Team 1009

    The humans blaming the dogs are annoying and cringeworthy. I would never
    blame a dog for biting my couch.

  4. happytroll 247

    sup guys if you guys subscribe to me then I’ll subscribe back and also
    subscribe to my friend Zachary maglone

  5. dong joon oh

    ‘Historical first official contact with ET.’ will happen openly soon
    since this solar system has entered ‘Photon belt of Alcyone star’ year
    2015. It happen every 26000 years. We are at the dawn of ‘Great
    spiritual golden age of love and abundance’ as Edgar Cayce predicted.
    It will last for 2000 years…


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