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Hi everyone! So its my first time raising a puppy and he's been a very good boy these past 5 months (he's 5 months), he's very polite in the house but its a bit of a challenge containing him while on walks because he gets distracted easily which i understand is very normal at his age.

Lately though he's been getting pretty aggressive and isn't listening to my commands when we go on walks. Example: he found a pretty muddy area after rain and started rolling and splashing big time. I was reluctant at first because he was having fun but when he started drinking the water i had to intervene. I lifted him up (he play bit me, at first) then when i put him back down on a dry area he jump back up, fangs visible, and bit my hand. Not too hard but enough to break the skin. I scolded him, he didnt listed. so i had to put in my hand then force him into a down and stay. PLUS there was some unbelievable leash pulling.

Anyway, is it normal for puppies to be unusually aggressive in their play (he is teething after all)? or are these early signs of aggression i should be worried about?

Or is it simply just puppies being puppies?

Getting really paranoid here please help.


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