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Hey y'all,

We have a nine month old pup that is honestly a really good dog. He can get out of control sometimes when he gets excited, but overall he's great.

We've noticed something weird lately though. She was out of town recently and I worked hard to wear him down. Lots of walks and playing so he wouldn't get anxious with her gone. He tends to when one of us is gone. Overall, he seemed nervous but wasn't too terrible.

But I'm out of town now, and he's driving her up the wall. Going crazy, barking constantly which he never really does, and just generally being a little terror. We are both always around at home so we're at a loss as to why he doesn't give me as many issues but goes nuts when it's just her. She's been taking him out and wearing him down but he just won't relax.

I think it's just separation anxiety, but I'm wondering what could have led to it being worse while I'm gone and what we can do to work on it.

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