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My puppy is now 7-months-old. We socialized her when we got her at 3 months , as much as you could back in April with COVID. She did fine with others when she was younger but at 6 months, things changed.

Now she is starting to bark at a selection of people and acts really timid around new faces. I don’t know what to do. We signing her up for some Petco beginner training classes (sit, leave-it, stay, no pulling on leash, etc), so we can talk to the trainer about it then, but is there anything to do in the mean time?

I’m not super worried yet but I don’t want her to turn more reactive. Any advice to help her though this and to show her the world isn’t so scary?

Hard to see the pattern in her reason for barking or being timid. Barking happens from a distance. When greeting people we noticed that she likes bald men and other people with dogs but that’s about it. When she meets people she tucks her tail, sniffs (stays 1-2 feet away), and darts away.. She looks at me or my partner for reassurance and we try to give it, it’s just hard when you can’t hug or shake hands right now. She hasn’t shown any aggressive behaviors yet but I know fear can get dangerous if it’s not addressed.

We’re going to public places that allow dogs inside like pet stores currently, but we just started doing this to see if it would help. We also have been working on going to busier parks more but I don’t want to go anywhere yet where people will just run up to her and pet her (I’ve read stories on here about how that can be a problem).

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