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This is going to be long, so I apologise in advance!

I have a 9 month old Great Dane puppy (not yet neutered as both his breeder and vet would like to wait until he reaches over a year old), who we have had since 8.5 weeks, and ohhhh boy is adolescence hitting HARD. I know I have to stick with his training, be consistent, and that this phase will eventually pass (I HOPE!), but I'm unsure on what to do specifically when certain behaviours arise:

1) He will start to chew on something he knows he's not allowed to, and never has chewed on before (a chair, the couch, etc), and when I tell him "NO" he will take that as his cue to bark at me and get the zoomies, running past me over and over, barking at me as he passes.

It's definitely him trying to get me to play/chase, and it's absolutely not an aggressive action, but if I just turn around and leave to not give him attention, he'll immediately go back and start chewing on whatever he was chewing on which I can't let him continue, but I also can't grab his collar to give him a time out, because he's running around like a crazy puppy bullet, and then it turns into a game of chase. I can tell him to sit, and he will (though sometimes will bark at me as he does it), but he won't hold it for any length of time, and as soon as I move near him, he does the zoomies thing.

This almost always happens in the evening, usually at the same time; and I will note, I am currently at home all day with him so everyday he: gets 2 walks, we play fetch and tug, do training sessions throughout the day, play go find (where he has to search for treats I've hidden around the house), and he gets stuffed Kong's and chews…so if it's a case of boredom, I'm not quite sure what else I could be doing with him.

2) He has started barking CONSTANTLY. Any sound he hears from outside, and he's running towards the door and barking (he can't get right to the door, as there is a baby gate that prevents this). It's exhausting, and I have no idea how to stop this.

3) Our yard isn't fenced (we are working towards getting this done over the summer), so I have to take him out on a leash for every potty break…we have a stoop with steps leading down to the yard, and because it's higher up, when we're on the stoop, we can see into the neighbour's yard…they have a dog too, and if my guy sees their dog in their yard, he will bark and try to yank me down the steps (and he weighs about 110 already, so he's STRONG) to get to him…the neighbour's dog barks too, so then they just start barking at each other through the neighbour's fence (the fence is high so when we're down at yard level, they can't see each other) as my dog yanks on me.

I try to turn him around and go around the side of the house, but he's so worked up by this point that he's bouncing and barking and it's hard to control him.

When I take him on his walks, I use a head harness that works really well, and he walks beautifully with it (loose-leashed), and even if we pass another dog barking behind a fence, he doesn't do what he does with the neighbour's dog, though will become more "alert" (so maybe it's a territorial issue, since this occurs at "his" house?).

I have had dogs before, and even Great Danes, but I will admit, this has been the most difficult puppy I've ever dealt with. He's constantly pushing boundaries, he barks constantly, and he has started yanking me around when he sees the neighbour's dog.

We did do classes with him, but at this point I'm nervous to do more, because I think he'd go absolutely nuts in a class full of dogs. I'm thinking maybe private lessons would be beneficial? But if there's anything I can start working on in the meantime, I'd love any suggestions!!

If you managed to make it to the end, thank you!!

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