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Hey guys! Some of these posts have been foundational to my training efforts so thanks in advance.

Our pup is a 9mo Maltipoo (we think).

My wife and I made a bedtime ritual which worked to get her sleeping through the night but lately she’s been asking to go out again after the fact.

Our ritual: We will darken the lights so she knows it’s bedtime and then take her for a last walk. She’ll typically do her business and then we come back to a dark home. We then literally rock her and sing her a lullaby. (Yes, I know it’s super cheesy but my wife started and it calms her down a ton. Also it’s not a must-do but she does recognize it and gets into bedtime mode.)

Lately though we’ll leave her and she’ll start barking to go out two-five minutes later. I’ll take her BACK out and she’ll produce a pretty significant pee.

We recently tried out a puppy playtime group and the leader (also a trainer) told us that it’s not uncommon for puppies to not finish emptying their bladder on a trip outside.

Does anyone have any tips on trying to get our pup to empty the tank before bedtime so we don’t have to get dressed and go out again every night?

FWIW, tonight is the first night we’re trying to let her bark-it-out so she’s not training us / creating a new part of the bedtime ritual.

Thanks in advance, again!

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