Beautiful dog is this ice cream truck’s most loyal customer

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Forget bones: for this dog, popsicles are the hottest snack in town.

Rambo is a two and half-year old English Bulldog with a soft spot for popsicles. Every experience the ice cream truck rotations by in his hometown of Hunstville, Alabama, Rambo runs out to lap up without paying! his favorite frozen delicacy.

“This dog always gets ice cream from me while the owner is watching, ” Akins Luwoye, the ice cream truck’s owned, told local news station WAAY3 1 .

It’s not like the treats arise free of charge. Rambo leaves his owner with the statute, who seems more than happy to pay it because hey popsicles are important to this dog.

Rambo has been roused about the ice cream truck since first listening its jangle about a year ago. Since then, he runs out to catch his subsidized plow every time it drives by.

“Rambo was all excited out of nowhere, his proprietor Ashish Silwal, told local report depot WAAY3 1 . And I was like, okay, makes get get some Popsicle s , and next act you are familiar with hes jump-start in the truck.”

Dogs like Rambo reach loyal sidekicks, and even more loyal customers.

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