Basset Hound extreme resource guarding. Really need help.

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Hello everyone,

We have a one year old Basset Hound and a three year old black labrador. My black lab is an angel in a literal sense. Quiet, calm, trained, well behaved.

Our Basset Hound starting displaying signs of resource guarding when he was about six months old. He only attacks our labrador and other dogs over things such as food, treats, bones, etc. He has never attacked a human. He is absolutely AMAZING around children.

We went through two dog behaviorists (both of whom were questionable with their methods) and tried a more up to date approach (my wife and I were uneducated at the time).

We have sinced worked on his behaviors but we are starting to get extremely frusturated.

He would have spurts of being good, while we manage his behaviors (crate time, keeping food and bones seperated, etc) but there would be times where if we turn our back for one second, our labrador would run into his playpen area and grab a toy, it would be too late.

He full on attacks dogs. He has drew blood two times and now my Labrador is anxious around him and literally avoids him in the house.

I took my Labrador to my mother's for a couple of days (she has another lab and they wanted to socialize) and this was the first time our basset was by himself.

He was fantastic. Quiet, calm, not hyper, super cuddly.. it was a dream.

We brought our labrador home tonight and after I told my wife to put all the toys away (and everything was) as soon as I noticed no signs of aggression and let my basset go, in the blink of an eye, he attacked my dog when I started to pet them both.

Now he is resource guarding humans from other dogs or even perhaps the whole house. I failed to see this coming.

I also recieved a call from the doggy daycare he goes to through a voicemail that I failed to listen to earlier in the day (a place with no toys that he has never had an incident in, we finally found a good place) that he had a 'minor' incident over resource guarding an employee over another dog. No biting, they stopped it in time.

So, now my basset has shifted to resource guarding humans. Sigh.

I'm so upset. I have sunk thousands of dollars and so much time into this dog and I feel like it is getting me nowhere. It just progressively shifts from one thing to another. Now I need to order a muzzle because I fear he will attack my Labrador from petting him. None of us in the house are happy at the moment. It's a horrible energy.

My wife was crying as she loves him so much but she is considering rehoming him to a family where he can't be around other dogs.

We are not a bad family. We love our dogs. We are just so damn tired and drained from this and now it is really impacting my Labrador.

Is there any advice someone can give? Would medication be a viable option?

Sorry for the long message.


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