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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had a puppy in an apartment that wont stop barking? I love my angel, I've had her for a week, but she has the loudest bark I've ever heard from a puppy. I havent left the house in a week because I am so scared she will continue barking. Today was the first time I really kept her in her pen while she barked, and around noon a neighbor knocked on my door after 20 mins of off and on barking to see if she was okay.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and honestly I am scared to leave! I took the chance to knock on my neighbors doors after that and introduce them to her, but I am still so paranoid! I gave them my number and told them to please contact me if it is ever bothering them.

As soon as I close the pen or crate door, she goes hysterical. She barks and cries if I leave her side even if she isnt crated. I have used frozen kongs, toy, treats, etc. and nothing seems to keep her occupied. SOS

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