Bark bark bark – dog has decided to bark in the mornings, how to stop?

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My dog has started barking in the morning. I know exactly what he's doing – he knows that after the alarm goes off I get up and we get to hang out.

However, it has gotten to a point where if I don't get up within like 2 minutes of the alarm (just 5 more minutes zzzzzz), he starts barking. He doesn't bark constantly. He barks once and waits for a minute, and he barks once again and waits for a minute again. But it's annoying.

Then eventually (because I gotta go to work), I get up and hence he gets reinforced. On the weekends, if I forget to disable the alarm before bed, he will start barking the moment the alarm goes off (at like 6 am) until whenever I get up (so 9 am).

Waiting it out isn't really an option because I have to eventually get up. What do I do?

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